Cabinet of Curiosity are textile/costume artist Caroline Collinge & architect Edmond Salter.
They work with paper materials & techniques to make exhibitions, installations & participatory arts activities for commissions with heritage sites, arts organisations, museums & the community.


Sunday, 22 March 2015


We are finalising a kit of parts to be used by visitors to Derby Silk Mill to encourage participation and engagement in a 'makers space', that forms a unique element of their museum. 
The brief set by Derby Museum required for the design process that underpinned the kit of parts to consider the three  principles of the Enlightenment:
The human end purpose of our acts;
3) Universality.

These three principes were combined with five ways to well-being:
1) Connect;
2) Be Active;
3) Take Notice;
4) Keep Learning;
5) Give.

We decided to draw upon our recent research residency for Creativeworks London, investigating an archive of paper models at the V & A Museum of Childhood, re-interpreting Victorian paper toys to communicate the science and art of mechanical movement. We specifically focused on the mechanics of movement connected with the Derby Silk Mill that was both physical and optical. From our research into Victorian paper toys, we had discovered that toys were used to educate children and adults about the industrial revolution, science and engineering through play and making. We have been designing our own series of paper toys within a customised box, that communicates our research into Derby Silk Mill using a combination of the physical and digital.