#Untitled10 2019 Exhibition

Caroline's work for the Bowes Centre #Untitled10 2019 commission is currently on public display until 28 February 2020.

The exhibition aims to give a unique and experimental perspective by showcasing the creative processes of the 10 artists involved in the commission. Stories surrounding the Museum, its creation and history are being presented as deliberately unfinished, work-in-progress objects, installations and performances that will highlight the exploratory journey taken during the commission. Hopefully it will provide visitors with an insight into the early research and development stages that artists and designers follow when starting a creative journey towards making new work.

Key themes within this commission involved exploring the concepts of craft, materials and making. I chose to explore paper materials and techniques, using a two-dimensional drawing of the museum architecture and other iconic objects within the collection as a starting point. I wanted to represent these objects as theatrical play things. This approach connected with my background discipline in theatre design and to the Bowes's theatrical backgrounds as performer and impresario. The Bowes Museum can be visually read as a vast stage set incorporating props, costumes and characters with the museum visitors acting in the role of the audience. I see that there is a lot of scope for developing my initial responses into fully realised work, such as an animated film or an illustrated storybook. Significantly, the project also highlights how museums and galleries can provide invalueable resources to artists, designers and makers by transporting us to alternative times and places outside of our everyday lives. The Bowes Museum embodies the creative spark that inspires imagination.