Green House Artwork in Darlington, Viewpoints by Festival of Thrift

An extraordinary Green House is due to open in Darlington on 12 September

Darlington Market
Horse Market
County Durham


In the nineteenth century, green spaces within urban environments were identified as the ‘lungs of the city’ due to their air purifying qualities. Cabinet of Curiosity Studio’s architectural Green House installation showcases contemporary fabrication techniques using materials that reduce toxicity in the home and contains a living environment of plants that possess the most effective air cleaning properties.

The design of Green House is inspired by Victorian garden architecture and Japanese design. Japanese textile patterns were a significant influence on the arts and crafts movement of the Victorian era. Contemporary laser cutting technology has been used to fabricate sustainable wooden materials using a traditional Japanese pattern as a repeat motif on an architectural scale. The ‘paper’ roof uses origami folding techniques to create a textile canopy that diffuses light for the living plants inside the Green House structure.

Cabinet of Curiosity Studio ran a number of paper craft workshops in Darlington with the support of Creative Darlington. These workshops gave participants the opportunity to contribute their paper cut designs of birds and flowers towards elements of the laser cut panels used within the Green House structure.

It forms part of a series of pieces with a clean air focus that is being curated by the Festival of Thrift for its second Viewpoints project, which sees sculptures, installations and artworks displayed across the Tees Valley from 12 -19 September to prompt discussions about sustainability issues.