The original film footage has a golden hue

Experiments involved heightening the black and white contrast of the background and costumed body 
Pushing the colour within the film shot and adding noise effects brings this closer to the look I am after

Early moving picture involving Loie Fuller dance choreography 

I'm nearing the completion of my film for MoDA's Katagami in Practice project as the deadline for the exhibition submission of my work is not far off. It's been difficult to know where to start with editing the 30 minutes of footage from two cameras into a 3 minute 30 second film. To begin with, I've had to look through the choreography and narrow it down to the best sequence, which in itself has still resulted in 10 minutes of footage that needs to be edited down. I also set myself a brief: that of making a film that looks like one of the early moving pictures produced by people such as Edison. Edison Studios were responsible for some of the earliest films on camera. The early moving pictures were shot in black and white then were hand coloured to produce their luminous quality of light using saturated painted colour focused on the body and the costume. I've been experimenting with this effect within Adobe photoshop taking a screen shot from the original film and playing around with the colour and effects until I have achieved the desired look I am after for my film. I've also been putting together some initial titles for my film that use the katagami stencil I worked with on this project within the typography. The end result is surprisingly modern.

Typography that incorporates the katagami stencil I researched within this project