Cabinet of Curiosity are textile/costume artist Caroline Collinge & architect Edmond Salter.
They work with paper materials & techniques to make exhibitions, installations & participatory arts activities for commissions with heritage sites, arts organisations, museums & the community.


Saturday, 24 August 2013


Saturday 18 August - Sunday 15 September 2013

Final artworks exhibited on the riverside walkways by The London Studios west of Oxo Tower Wharf, in front of Tate Modern and by Tower Bridge

For three weeks in August and September, London’s south bank riverside walkway is spectacularly transformed with giant works of art from 'Rivers of the World': a Thames Festival project delivered in partnership with the British Council's Connecting Classrooms.

Through 'Rivers of the World', pupils are encouraged to study their own river in the first year of partnership and their partner city's river in their second year of the project. Six river themes provide a framework to compare the rivers. The pupils’ findings provide inspiration for drawings, paintings, photographs and other media and a chosen design style helps to channel and focus creativity. Artists and designers help the class groups to scan and arrange their work through Photoshop. The aim is for the pupils to work together and for each class group to create a single and coherent artwork that integrates contributions from all the pupils in the class.

Here are the final banners created this year with four London schools:
Mount Carmel College, Chelsea Academy, Jo Richardson School and Sedgehill School.

Further details of the scheme: http://www.riversoftheworld.org/


  1. I am Deborah, one of the students of Mount Carmel technological college, which collaborated to produce the first artwork picture from the north location of the the cabinet of curiosity website. I just wanted to point out how DELIGHTED I was to work with such experts which created SUCH an inspiring environment including dedication, patience and impetus. I am also truly grateful for Miss Heath, a more than just an art teacher, she demonstrated to me the inside talent that I have had since a long time. I just want to conclude that I will NEVER forget this experience of being treated as a true artist working in collaboration with each other creating such a historical theme and removing the past expressing ourselves with creativeness. Normally young people may get dis-valued in a sense that most people think they have limits and they are not capable of reaching the stars. However this talented and inspiring experts illustrated the light of creativeness in each one of us, and made us experience one of the most fascinating moments in our lives. Thank you, because I know I did make one of my most desirable dreams to come true,

  2. Hi Deborah,
    Thank you for your positive comments on our workshop. We hope that you will continue with art and design in the future as it has so many applications.
    Please feel free to contact us for future work experience. This can also be arranged through your school.